Spiders (Arachnida)

As our brand name is SpiderTech, obviously something must be told about spiders. Some people are afraid of spiders, this is called ARACHNOFOBIA. This fear may be a heritage from our ape-past when spiders could be a real threat to small monkeys. On the other hand spiders are fascinating creatures with many unique features.

If you want to know more about spiders, a very good starting point for surfing is the one telling about the North-American Hobo Spider at From there you can navigate further and will find a lot of spiders and also other interesting animals like scorpions, the Gila Monster and various and utmostly poisonous snakes.

Some facts:

- All spiders can spin a thread
- The thread has a thickness of 0.001 mm only
- The thread can elongate up to 30 % without breaking
- It is stronger than a metal wire with same diameter
- The spiders add glue to trapping threads
- The thread is used for trapping, it can be a bridge or used for communication
- Some spiders can even fly by using their spin-thread as a sail or parachute




- A suitable wind force for this action is 3 m/s
- In this way spiders can migrate long distances at an altitude of 1-2 kilometers
- Most spiders have 8 eyes, some species have 6, and a few only 4 or 2 eyes
- All spiders are poisonous to some extent
- The first mandibles are called kelikels and they contain the poison
- With kelikels and pedipalps (2nd pair of jaws) the spider holds and kills its prey
- Sex may be dangerous for male spiders, sometimes the female kills the male after mating
- Sometimes she kills the male before mating

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