Bird ringing is a way to study wild birds, by attaching a small individually numbered metal or plastic ring to their legs. The birds are not injured or killed during the process . The nets at this site are sold only to the licensed ringers.




Highest Creditworthiness

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SpiderTech has supplied mist-nets and associated products to ringers and banders since 1991 and we have customers on all continents. Mist-nets and ringing supplies are sold only to ringing organizations and licensed ringers. Other products are available to all birdwatchers. All of the products are approved and tested in the field by ourselves.


New passerine-net will launch May 2016

Lengths available 3 m - 6 m - 9 m - 12 m - 18 m

Wind-stoppers in strings 2 & 4 as always, knot interval reduced to 30 cm

Also 6 strings/5 panels version up-coming!


7th edition of SpiderTech car-sticker in print. Free sticker(s) with every purchase of nets.


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